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tv   Catalonias Last Bullfight  Al Jazeera  October 14, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am AST

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al-jazeera where ever you. stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera the man who negotiated the dismantling of apartheid and scrapped south
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africa's nuclear program i don't think we needed the ball but some of my prediction is just that they want to do use it as a deterrent south africa's former president declare talks to al-jazeera as bizarre . high-pockets or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member of the ku klux klan but we struck up a relationship this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm maryam namazie in london with around up of your top stories syrian forces
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backed by the us are on the verge of taking back full control of iraq i still say our proclaimed capital local officials say the remaining eisel fighters are expected to leave the city in the coming hours taking civilians with them as human shields it's part of a deal brokered by tribal leaders the u.s. led coalition says it's not involved in the negotiations but it leaves it will save lives. meanwhile syrians who managed to escape to make shift refugee camps face shortages of food and medicine our reports on that. civilians have been waiting for years they are being evacuated from the fighting in iraq are staying home wasn't safe strikes have killed hundreds. in neighboring dales or thousands of syrians flee their homes as fighting intensifies i still fighters have regrouped in a mayor dean a city on the border with iraq before an expected push by syrian kurdish factions
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known as the to capture the city. north of rocker was built to accommodate the internally displaced it's struggling with a growing number of refugees who have nowhere to go such as. well has just arrived from there as. we left home because of the farting in the war it was a long journey before we got to the camp we spell long sleepless nights and many days with nothing to eat and they're buried and my daughter is sick and she needs treatment we have been suffering since the start of war in syria kurdish factions control the. very few aid organizations manage to reach the area the camp lacks basic infrastructure services are poor a situation that is likely to worsen during the winter. time and. look at the
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tents they gave me in this camp i have nothing no cover no sheets nothing i'm a widow and i cannot look after my children on my own they told us go to the camp and you will get help i got nothing from them. many here have lost hope they'll never be able to return home to their villages the battles are a competent and dealers or have destroyed entire areas defeating i still may not be the end of war in syria as the s.d.f. advances the syrian army is on the move both competing to control more territory the syrian government is determined to recapture areas it lost to. the kurds a confrontation between the kurds and the syrian army may trigger an exodus of thousands of people towards the border with turkey has. had time. well
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in other news from syria the government is demanding an immediate unconditional withdrawal of turkish troops from the north west of the country saying their presence there amounts to flagrant aggression turkish troops entered syria's northern province in a cross border deployment that began two days ago thousands of iraqi troops are locked in an armed standoff with kurdish forces in the disputed oil province of kirkuk brief clashes also erupted between kurdish forces and shia militia backing the iraqi government tensions have been on the rise held a referendum on independence last month. at least twenty two people have been killed after two vehicle bombs exploded in somalia's capital mogadishu with fifteen more injured police say that people are still trapped under the rubble and they fear that the death toll could rise the government minister in myanmar responsible for patrick ating ranjoor refugees from bangladesh has told our jazeera they may have planned the exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing more than half
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a million ranger a fled military crackdown and austrians will vote on sunday in an election that could give the world its youngest leader with the people's party of thirty one year old sebastian cook leading the polls the far right freedom party could also enter a coalition government. their world is next with the story of catalonia as long battle to ban bullfighting off to its.
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on the night of the twenty fifth of september twenty seventh the last bull fight took place at the moment a ring in barcelona. twenty fast on spectators from spain and around the world witnessed the end of over six centuries of spanish history in the
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region oh forgot that when you. on human rights campaigners had lobbied for decades to end the sport in the region and in july twentieth left the catalan parliament voted by a narrow majority to bow to the band came into effect on the first of january twenty twelve. spain's top three matadors took part in this last show but bullfighting polarizes got the line society. its opponents hailed the ban as a victory for on human rights but some also saw it as a symbolic rejection of central political power in madrid. catalan separatists that found controversial expression in the independence
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referendum on the first of october twenty seventh to. back in twenty left bullfighting supporters believe the band took away any age old part of their culture. and they carried their matador heroes aloft in the streets of barcelona.
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see there are. no limits in the moment. she said i will be with us in the black hole in the dixie. this is the money that is important. to. know what she is going to go for the one i see. my mother. except the many. many catalans this like bullfighting some saw the bun as a victory against what they perceive as political subjugation by my body in recent years. they feel they have a separate identity from the rest of spain. the anti bullfighting movement was led by animal rights campaigners who gathered the thousands of signatures needed to bring that the bait to the cattle and parliament. when the intended
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down dossier is a bit forward. but almost holy and i like it but i let myself you know be stunning when a little bit good i said not at all because they are known to say will not be in or be certain they want to be study of the innocent but it will get more muslim photo if you think you know no one is here looking at it right don't put them. in the new my shoe fit in the ram and it would be a stain when i shall say blair i thought they were in this room for you there are many of them in full force and they're walking down the final. in recent years the sawhill of north africa has witnessed the so-called war on terror. but is this official narrative.
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masking a larger battle. a battle for the earth's natural resources. shadow war in the sahara at this time somehow just zero. the nativist news as it breaks out about an equally heavy band on headway because if i would work with who did this or doing that are we with detailed coverage this is what remains of an eager to finally after reviving our german army hundreds like these i think is forward in the past few months from around the world there are also hundreds of thousands of arabs that have arrived here in recent years fleeing i saw they feel very let down by the baghdad government. a family business handed down from generation to generation but when this funeral director retires will his son continue the tradition i don't think he was actually built for just
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like i don't feel like i was actually built for a difficult choice for an al-jazeera producer caught between two worlds well it's really fight tending to the dead with a living get better an intimate portrait of an industry most encounter only fleetingly al-jazeera correspondent death in the family at this time. al-jazeera where ever you. oh i'm maryam namazie in london time now for
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a quick roundup of your top stories i sill is on the verge of losing its final territory in the syrian city of raka its one time self-proclaimed capital a syrian forces backed by the u.s. advance tribal leaders have been brokering a deal to allow local i saw fighters to leave foreign fighters are not included in this evacuation the u.s. led coalition says it's not involved in the negotiations but believes it will save lives. and has more. we're getting different reports from divisions within those members of the isis something it's time to leave and others say no and they want to continue the white but for many of us the commanders whether the fighters leave in the coming hours or not they are confident that the full control of this city is just a matter of a few hours they say that we could officially. rocka to light in other developments syria's government is demanding an immediate and unconditional withdrawal of
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turkish troops from the north west of the country saying their presence there amounts to flagrant aggression turkish troops entered syria's northern adlib province in a cross border deployment that began two days ago. thousands of iraqi troops are locked in an armed standoff with kurdish forces in the disputed oil province of kirkuk brief clashes also routed between kurdish forces and shia militia backing the iraqi government tensions have been on the rise since kurds held a referendum on independence last month at least twenty two people have been killed after two vehicle bombs exploded in somalia's capital market issue with fifteen more injured police say that people are still trapped under the rubble and they fear that the death toll could rise the government minister in myanmar responsible for a battery aging ranger refugees from bangladesh has told al jazeera they may have planned their exodus to give the appearance of ethnic cleansing or than half a million ranger a fled a military crackdown. and the academy motion picture arts and sciences
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which organizes the oscars has expelled the movie mogul harvey weinstein is accused of sexual harassment and right by more than two dozen women police are investigating the allegations which mr weinstein denies the news out is coming up to part two of al-jazeera well in about twenty five minutes time by fidel. bullfighting has been banned in the got a region of the north east of spain since january twenty twelve. it came about largely as a result of an animal rights campaign but some commentators believe it also has a political dimension that the law knew
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a strong identity separating it in the minds of its people from the rest of spain and many saw that go to the bullfighting show as a relic of the old regime of general franco. got the lonia he's also one of the wealthiest regions of spain generating considerable tax revenues for the government but even it has not been immune to the effects of the two thousand and eight doable recession austerity policies have hit the economy and both fighting is an entire industry comic downturn and the ban have had a domino effect on the breeders on transport and even on matador cost to make. a minute. i don't know.
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